Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Summer Overview

Needless to say I haven't been getting much done since having my first baby in July.  I wanted to make sure I noted what we actually did get done :)

1. Added a wire fence around the paddock so our dog would have a fenced in area to play.

Its attached to the wooded posts with plastic pull-ties.  Seems to be holding up pretty well so far.

2. My husband (aka The Weekend Lumberjack) worked on this sad little area of our yard, trying to clear it and turn it into a landscaped area.  It's actually the back half of the paddock.  The green wire fence will of course be removed when it's finished.

3. Garden.  Oh, garden.  How I've wronged you this year.  The healthiest looking plants are our new strawberry plants, and they only started looking good after the actual crop of strawberries was gone.  Other than that, we 3 out of probably 30 lettuce plants survive, then go to seed without us eating them.  All of our tomato plants caught blight and died after producing some mushy fruits.  The cucumbers did fairly well, like last year, and again like last year we were sick of eating them after the first 10 or so.  We got 3 or 4 butternut squash that we have yet to try.  I don't really like squash, but I guess we succeeded in growing them.  Probably my favorite crop of the year was the garlic we started last fall.  We dried it by hanging it in the barn and it worked extremely well.  I'll be buying a lot more at the Common Ground fair in Maine in a few weeks.   On the right side of the photo is the lettuce going to seed, then to the left are peas, onions, one surviving carrot, not-so-great-tasting New Zealand spinach, our one cucumber plant, one tiny pepper plant, and the dying tomatoes. Lovely!  As usual, I vow to do much better next year!  I am totally using pregnancy and my newborn as the excuse of why I wasn't able to grow much of anything.

Carrying said newborn in a sling.  Looks a lot like my pregnancy photo :)

4. Gutters!  They're one of those things that you don't notice until they aren't there.  The sliding door in this photo is used every single day to take the dog out.  Without the gutters you were especially soaked in the rain with the water pouring off the roof.  Thanks to my husband for installing this little guy.

5. The Pit.  That's the name I've given to the area in between the deck and the rock pathway.  Mark dug  out the grass that was there so we could landscape it.  We've yet to finish this little project and it's starting to become overgrown with weeds.  Also brings to mind the saying, "it's gonna get a little worse before it gets better."

In the middle of this photo you can see the cobblestones we bought to line the Pit.

6. TV Stand.  Our indoor project that we've finally completed with this gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece from India.  Totally not meant to be a TV stand though.  I think its a buffet for a dining room.  We've since put the cable boxes and such inside of it and installed one of those wireless signal things for the remote.

That's about it!  I'm so excited that we're finally going into fall.  I (as usual) have high hopes of apple picking, strolling around New England farms, leaf peeping and cooking an endless supply of soups and stews.  We shall see...


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