Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Plans 2013

There's hope to be had here on the farm that the Spring season might be just around the corner.  Since I don't have the excuse of either (a) it being my first time gardening or (b) being pregnant, I'm really feeling the pressure to have a great garden this year.  Here's what I'm planning:

Herb Garden:

- Italian Basil
- Lime Basil
- Oregano
- Parsley
- Cilantro
- Chives
- Dill
- Sage
- Mint
- Thyme


- Heirloom
I'd like to have at least 10 plants...Planning to eat a whole bunch and to do some canning with my dad.


- Shallots
- Leeks
- Storage Onions
- Corn
- Carrots
- Mixed Baby Lettuce
- Cucumber
- Fennel
- Garlic
- Wax Beans
- Green Peppers

If I'm being honest I probably don't have the room for all of this quite yet.  I guess I should also plan to add another bed or two.  I also might be trying the Self-Watering grow system from Larry Hall (see his videos here).  My dad did it last year with a few things and it was amazing.

A few recent photos:


Blissfully happy dog (she just looks mad!)


Winter white sunset:


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